The perfect female body

By | December 29, 2016

I’m so sick and tired of women being subjected to fad diets starvation and extreme exercise. Me and my friends at London escorts love to promote a healthy body image. Healthy is not being stick thin it’s being confident in your own skin at least that’s what we believe here at London escorts. I get criticism all the time for being that size 12 bitter London escort girl who hates on my size 8 colleagues. But that’s not true. I see the pain and suffering that the girls at London escorts go through just to maintain a typical mainstream media hyped body.

I have a huge ass it’s curvy and moves on its own which is why my clients from London escorts love to book me. I have a nice set of double D breasts that are totally natural and fit snugly into the many of my sexy laced bras. The girls and I at London escorts always say that men like a bit of meat to hold and we provide that proudly.

Now on the flip side there are many sexy ladies who are genetically and naturally slim and they should embrace that we have a few girls like this at London escorts Anna is one of the many beauties we have who are naturally slim and slender. Anna is a proud siza 6 and doesn’t work like a mad woman to maintain her size to be quite honest she eats more than me and that’s saying something. Now girls like Anna and some of the other escorts at London escorts who are naturally slim I have no problem with as that is their natural genetic make up. It’s the girls that starve themselves of happiness and food fuel to keep their bodies healthy in order to maintain an image that isn’t natural to their genetic make up that bother me.

Being a successful London escort is a hard job keeping clients happy and being all that the client desires isn’t easy. Unless you are like me and my other curvy happy London escorts friends who have confidence. Confidence is our sexy and that’s why we are are the most popular girls in the agency. Men love our bubbly happy personalities and the excitement in that we bring to our dates. Us sexy confident London escorts will get your heart racing just by being in your presence.

The main lesson here is that sexy is not what you see on tv or in music videos on YouTube. Sexy is confidence in your own skin having your natural beauty shine through your every move and excite all those you touch. Not some fad diet or extreme exercise.

You should always feel sexy as it is a great confidence booster and it helps you deals with the outside world in a more upbeat and and positive way. London escorts are always confident in every single little thing that they do and that helps them exude that sexy persona that their clients book them for.

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