Swinger’S Party: What You Need To Know

By | October 19, 2016

A swinger’s party is a party attended by spouses or couples where attendees engage in recreational sex among other activities, with persons other than their spouses or partners. Here, people will participate in sexual activities, interact with strangers as well as consume food or alcohol, to help them loosen up during the party. Anybody can attend the party as long as they have an invitation. It’s hard to find a people speaking openly about the subject. New swingers may have to rely heavily on trusted sites, where you can get couples, events or clubs by location.

Most couples use these parties to enhance or spice up their relationships. It speaks to their love and intimacy, as they get to interact with strangers in more often than not, new premises. Here, couples must be prepared to have their sexual interest evolve in some unimaginable ways.

What goes on in a Swinger’s Party?
The actual sexual “swinging” activity may vary from one party or theme to another. There are those have preplanned regular social meetings to partner swapping among other spontaneous sexual activities in informal gatherings.

Most parties often recommend oral sex, but this is dependent on the couple’s interest. Additionally, bisexual swinging is common in women, more than in men, with tastes and interests varying from couple to couple.

Usually, the host notifies the swingers on the venue, theme and rules of the game or activities beforehand. There are specific dressing codes for the parties, ‘no alcohol and drugs’ clause in some of their rules. Swingers need to know this in advance to avoid embarrassments.
There is always music in the background, meant to help everyone relax, before getting to details. New swingers can take to learn about the new ‘environment’. Gather information on the communication code, signals, different tag colours, and their meaning. Ask someone for the various colour meanings. This can be a good icebreaker.

Swinging requires private or open rooms. There is a general place; where swingers meet and get to know each other. As the evening goes, they get to move to different locations, after parting with certain fees to get the private rooms. The private rooms may be pitch dark to encourage foreplay, without necessarily identifying who is on the other end.Unless discussed earlier on, it is important for a couple to stick together. It will save your relation from drama coming from envy and jealousy. Moreover, you will avoid offending or be rude to other attendees. However, do not be compelled to do something that is not to your liking. Always respect everyone’s privacy.

Always use protection if you engage in sexual activity, penetrative sex especially. Bring along a condom or two, to avoid contracting or transmitting diseases. Alternatively, opt for a partner that is of the same health condition.

Types of Venues
Off-premise: This venue is a regular nightclub, closed down for the night to hold a private swinger’s party.
On-premise: This venue is a private residence, dedicated to swinging activity. It could be a private home, generously offered for the night. Often it offers both public and private lockers for the night.

In conclusion, while at the party, it is important for attendees to maintain some good and own communication with others. It is not a new phenomenon; swinging has been there for centuries; only that modern day swinging has changed attitudes of sexual activities as the sexual revolution continues.

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