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By | November 22, 2016

Us girls here at Paddington escorts get more and more unusual requests. Lots of gents are very lonely, but they still fancy taking a holiday. We all know that holidays can make us feel good and are important to us, so why should not our gents have some companionship on their holidays. Personally, during my time with Paddington escorts, I have been on a few holidays with gents and had a great time. Some of my colleagues here at Paddington escorts have also been fortunate enough to be invited on holidays, and all of the girls that I have spoken to seem to have got a kick out of their trips.

What to Pack

I don’t know any girl at Paddington escorts who is a light packer, and I am just as guilty as the rest of them. Of course, it all depends on where you are going but most gents really seem to enjoy sunshine holidays. Of course, there is nothing better for north London escorts. They get a lovely suntan, and the gents get a chance to spend lazy beachy days with their Paddington escorts companions as well.

Remember that gents forget a lot of stuff, so you may want to pack suntan lotion. I have never been on a holiday with a gent where he remembered to pack suntan lotion. Most Paddington escorts like to look after themselves, and I have to admit that we are all pretty good at packing. Paddington escorts should also remember to pack the gent’s favorite body lotion, and any other things that may spice up the holiday. I am pretty sure that girls from Paddington escorts realize exactly what they need.

What to Wear

You may not want to pack your microkini, but you may want to pack at least a couple of nice bikinis. I know of a couple of Paddington escorts who have gone on holiday bringing just their microkinis, and their dates were a bit surprised. Yes, they wanted to show off their stunning Paddington escorts holiday companions, but perhaps not to that extent.

Shoes are important as well, but you may not want to pack your stilettos. Most Paddington escorts are extremely fond of their stilettos, but if you are in a hot climate, stilettos can cause a lot of problems.

Selecting the right lingerie is important as well. I know that most Paddington escorts are very good at this, but a bit of advice is always handy. Stockings are not suitable for a hot climate, and sexy but nice cotton lingerie is better as well. I keep telling Paddington escorts not to wear too much nylon in hot weather – it really does not do you any good.

Try to be a Good Girl

Your gent is sure to want to enjoy himself on holiday, but unless you are at a Hedonistic resort, you may want to go a bit careful. Most Hedonistic resorts are fine about undress, but remember that most other resort are not. You can not expect to play golf at some top quality resorts around the world wearing just your thong. Yes, it will look really sexy, but what you will find that all golf courses have a certain dress code. Shorts and shirt with a collar is just fine, and I am sure that you can have some afterwards instead.

Enjoy your holiday with your gent, but remember that this is a treat even for Paddington escorts. We can by all means have our own holidays, so it is important to remember that you are paid companion. I have only known one girl from Paddington escorts not to enjoy herself. But then again, her gent took her on a silly holiday. I could not imagine any girl from Paddington escorts enjoying a husky sledge holiday in Alaska.

Above all, it is important for all Paddington escorts to show their gents some appreciation. Thank him for the holiday and do say that you enjoyed your holiday. I can think of many Paddington escorts who have been on some really great holidays including Hawaii!

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