Help! My parents swing

By | November 21, 2016

A couple of my girlfriends at London escorts are really into swinging. They have been nagging me to come with to a swinger’s party for ages. I know that swinger’s parties are becoming more and more common, and I should have loosened up about them a long time ago. But for some reason something was holding me back. A few weeks ago, I decided to bite the bullet as it were, and go to a swinger’s party with a couple of my friends from London escorts. Now I wish that I had never done so.

I must admit that I was really anxious as we went to the party. In all honesty I did not feel good about at all. It was being held late at night, and I was kind of tired after having come off the night shift at London escorts. The evening had been one of my busiest nights with London escorts, and I did not really want to party. My feet ached and I felt kind of drained. But I did not want to let my colleagues from London escorts down so I went along.

The party was taking place in the same part of London where I had grown up. Some of my parents friends had been into swinging and I was worried that I might bump into them. As it happened, I know that this part of London has a very active swinger’s community, and I told my friends from London escorts about it. The girls said it was one of the main reasons they enjoyed going to parties in this part of London. After a day at London escorts, they said that they felt the parties in this part of London energize them. What the heck I thought and went along.

After about ten minutes at the party, I started to feel okay. It was great to have my friends from London escorts with me, and they knew many of the swingers. Looking around, I had so far not spotted any faces that I recognized and that was okay. There were some really nice people at the party. I was enjoying a drink when I spotted a face that I instantly recognized. It was my mom and she was having sex on top of a table with a guy. To be honest, I did not know what to think. I told my friend from London escorts and she just giggled and said that it meant my dad was probably around somewhere.

A few moments later I spotted my dad doing it doggie style with a woman on the floor. I was now seriously regretting letting my friends from London escorts talk me into going to the party. In a panic, I got dressed, fled through the door and took a taxi back home. The following day I felt really bad about everything and hoped that my parents had not seen me. My friends from London escorts understood why I had made such a sudden escape, and did not say anything else about. In many ways, I wish I could talk to somebody about the situation. Living with the knowledge that your parents are swingers is not that easy.

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